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Welcome To The Only Course Teaching Practical Home Health And Offering 10 CEUs

Welcome to Home Health Mentor 

A road map / mentorship course designed by 6 + figure earning home care professionals who have experienced the dark sides of healthcare first hand - so you don't have to. 

In this course, we share our mistakes - so you don't make the same ones. 

...But we also share our victories on how we made more money than 90% of people in the rehab field by knowing the job market and how your license is designed to generate profits. 

That being said we will also be here to mentor you and help you break into the Home Health industry (regardless of discipline ) by describing visit types, what you need to do to complete care for more complex patients, and more... 

Can't wait to help you get the money you deserve all while getting patients better outcomes - as you practice at the top of your license in the home care setting. 


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Real People

Real Life Changing Results


As a new grad, many people told me that I would only make a specific amount because that was normal. Until I took the home health mentor course, I was convinced that to be true. Brandon told me everything that I know about how to get paid effectively and know my worth. His guidance was invaluable and my return on my investment from taking his course and learning how to operate properly was amazing. Case in point- in 11 months, I earned $213,000, on track to make 230k at the end of the year as A STAFF PHYSICAL THERAPIST. I attribute a vast majority of this salary that is well over twice the average salary of a physical therapist to the course and I especially appreciated the ongoing support that the Facebook group that is exclusive to course alumni for constant updates in how to navigate the ever-changing course of home health. I cannot emphasize this enough, this course changed my life and I was able to pay off all of my debt in one year.

Dr. Samantha Smith PT, DPT

Brandon has been helping me as I searched for a job as a new grad. He has helped me have those tough conversations with employers about how much money I deserve. Going in to the interview, I was a little nervous about asking for a certain amount of money as a new grad, but Brandon’s personal messages and videos reminded me of my worth. I was able to counter the offer made by an employer and get 10% more than I asked for.

Dr. Kody Goings, PT, DPT

The content is awesome. So much information that needs to be given out to new grads.

Jan Wieland, PTA

I am just getting back into Home Health PRN. Thank you for your content and information. You've made my transition so much easier!

Dr. Morgan Meese PT, DPT

The simple, cheap, and effective neurological techniques are amazing - especially for my CVA patients stuck in rigid/spastic patterns. 

Keith Black, SPT

Great home health evaluation video. It's nice to see what's required as I transition into this setting, as well as what the documentation system may look like.

Dr. Tim Woo PT, DPT

Wish I had this course right out of school instead of just diving head first into my own home health journey totally blind.


Dr. Melanie Parks PT, DPT

I used one of the neurological techniques on a patient and it worked like a charm. Even other providers who saw me use it - started using it as well. 

Pre-Built Note Templates 

Pre-Built Note Templates include:

  • PT/OT/SLP Eval
  • PT/OT/SLP Visit
  • PT/OT/SLP Re-Eval
  • and More

Home Health Treatment Tips

Learn how to manage pt's with all kinds of conditions that have rendered them homebound

Treatment tips are provided one-on-one, in group discussion format, and through videos. 

Example Here

Access to Dr. Smith 

- Dr. Smith secured a $100,000.00 plus salary around ~ 3 months out of school as a home health DPT - learn what he did and how you can do it too. 

- He also helped OTs, SLPs, COTAs, PTAs, and more earn more money in their respective settings and fosters an environment of collaboration and respect among all disciplines for growth. 

- Private FB Group 

- Content Made Based on Your Requests and More!




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CEU Questions and Refund Policy

The course is approved for 10 CEUs in Florida by the FPTA. Therefore, states that accept CEUs approved in other states by PT boards allow reciprocity. However, do not be stupid and buy this course for the CEUs, buy this course because of the income it has allowed others to achieve. No refunds will be provided. If over 1000 people can earn 120k plus through taking the course then so can you and that's more valuable than CEUs unless, of course, you like staying exactly where you are - being micromanaged at work for mediocre pay


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